Updated: Apr 3, 2020

Speaking with an immigrant business owner

Economic growth, Individual Freedom, and Security

Just about every issue being discussed on the national level affects one or more of these categories. While the details of any particular piece of legislation can be confusing and convoluted, focusing on these three core principles will allow America to remain a world leader and the best country on earth.

Immigration Issues


The people of the United States are a good and decent people. We desire to help the poor and less fortunate in the world. However, our resources are not unlimited and it does no-one any good to overextend ourselves to the point where the whole reason people want to come to this country is jeopardized. 

As such, we have devised a system where people throughout the world can apply to come to this country and become a citizen, or, if they prefer, just work or study in the United States. This system ensures that we are using our resources in a meaningful and fair way without overextending ourselves. In order for the system to continue to benefit would-be immigrants for generations to come, we must abide by and enforce our laws.

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