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Term Limits for Elected Officials

Updated: Sep 14

The Term Limits

Economic growth, Individual Freedom, and Security

Just about every issue being discussed on the national level affects one or more of these categories. While the details of any particular piece of legislation can be confusing and convoluted, focusing on these three core principles will allow America to remain a world leader and the best country on earth.

Term Limits for Elected Officials

The original vision of our founders was that we would be citizen statesmen. Unfortunately, we have gotten away from that model and have elected officials who have spent their entire professional careers in government. It is much harder to see the impact of government decisions from an office in Washington, D.C. or Tallahassee than it is when you're outside of the beltway trying to work and live according to the laws being passed. It is much better to elect people to congress who have the fresh perspective of what it's like living and working in their respective states. Setting term limits on elected office would reinstate the idea of having citizen statesmen.

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